How I Went from Making Nothing to Making $100/day in 6 Months as a SAHM: PART 1

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When I was first handed this topic, I had a knot in the pit of my stomach. I resisted at first. I didn't feel this was valuable content to share. Many others online have made much more than I have so why would anyone be interested in my story? A marketing friend of mine (who knows her stuff) told me once that it doesn't have to be a huge success to help ONE person.

As a SAHM myself, I have been feeling the need to speak directly to SAHMs. Today’s episode (Part 1) will focus on how to determine if working as a SAHM is right for you.We'll address money and the stigma sometimes associated with starting a business and how to get past it, as well as the process of finding your passion and the one business idea that is right for you.

I hope this episode will help you to determine if launching an online design business is right for you. I have included some mindset exercises, that will help you break through your own mental barriers.

Allow me to inspire you! Learn how I went from making nothing to making $100 a day in 6 months as a SAHM and how you can TOO.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why I got started with an online design business
  • How passion plays a role in my business
  • How to identify a need
  • Why you don’t need to be a professional to be good

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Kasey | Pen + Posh

Thanks Maria and Jessica for the comments.

Definitely, it is a lot of hard work but so so worth it. I feel contributing financially is so rewarding and love that I can do that in our marriage.

I love leaning on each other for support and finding people in similar situations. Mom’s or not, we are all trying to make this online hustle work! Glad I could inspire and help in some way.


This gives me all the feels! I so want to be a SAHM! Thank you for sharing :)


Thanks for this. I’m a SAHM for the past two years and I’ve been everything you described. Starting a business is in the works but I didn’t realize how much more work I would have to put into it. We just moved and I’m trying to find a way to help contribute financially. It helps when I know I’m not the only one going through these things.

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