How to Hire Out Like a Boss!

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Imagine what it’d be like to own an online business that brings in consistent revenue each day, week, month and year. Pretty sweet, right? Now imagine what it would be like if your normal workload was cut in half, so you only did half the amount of work while still making the same amount of money. If that doesn’t fire you up you might be from a different planet….

Time is our most PRECIOUS commodity. That’s why I am constantly telling you how to save it! Because I’m Kasey, and I’m your friend…..and I want you to stop wasting time doing things you don’t need to!

All you need to do is hire some people to help you get the tedious parts of your business done each day. This is often a breath of fresh air to business owners. After months of feeling tied down, hiring the right help is just the thing needed to prevent you from going insane.

That’s all well and good, but the first time hiring help can be intimidating and can bring all sorts of insecurities and questions.

Not to mention, where do you even begin to find the right person??

All this and more are answered in this week’s episode.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

● Which areas you can offload to contractors or freelancers

● What to look for in potential help
● Where to find quality candidates
● How to add ‘help’ to your business budget
● My advice on the hiring and training processes
● My experience and examples of hiring out help over the last couple years

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