Growing a Planner and Sticker Etsy Shop into a Thriving Online Empire with Mim Jenkinson

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Starting and growing an Etsy digital business during a time of adversity can seem completely overwhelming.

And sometimes it can even happen by surprise.

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Mim Jenkinson of Love From Mim. She’s an Aussie/Brit mother and a multi-award-winning Digital Products Designer, 5-star Etsy Seller and Coach. 

She’s a planner addict and is obsessed with stationery, country music, and Outlander!

In 2015 Mim was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After this unexpected diagnosis that made it impossible to work, raising 2 little ones under the age of two, savings beginning to deplete, Mim started using her planner and began to do something that gave her focus. Planning!

Listen to today’s episode to hear Mim’s inspiring story about how she discovered planner stickers, started designing her own and began selling stickers on Etsy.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode: 

  • How Mim has supported hundreds of women in pursuing their dream of opening a profit-focused Etsy shop and creating products that stand out from the crowd for consistent sales. 
  • Why now is the prime time to start your creative business.
  • How finding a creative outlet can be an effective form of self-care.

Mentioned on the Show:

You can check out Mim at @paperplannerclub on socials and watch her free class on “Creating Stickers That Sell” at


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Angela Clark

I am enjoying them. It is nice to hear from other successful Etsy Business Owners or Social Media Gurus (?). It is encouraging to hear their stories and their tips. Thank you for having them on your show.

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