Getting Started on Instagram and Facebook Ads With a Low Budget with Anna Konchar

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I know we just talked last week about social media, but there is so much to it! Figuring out how to grow your following, whether or not you should invest in boosting posts and ads or wondering how much money influencers make...there are a lot of questions surrounding these platforms.

This week I’m bringing in an expert, Anna Konchar to teach us all about how to help your business the most through social media.

 After graduating with her MBA, Anna had a lot of student loan debt (like over $200,000). So she started a side hustle running Facebook & Instagram ads for small and local businesses. She grew her side hustle to six figures in less than two years, enabling her to escape the corporate cubicle, pay off debt, and travel around the world with her husband.

Over the last four years since starting her business, Anna has worked with hundreds of clients, placed over $1 million in Facebook and Instagram ads, and has grown her business to seven figures per year (Insert jaw drop here). Now, she has the privilege of staying at home with her 11-month-old daughter (running her business as a naptime hustler!), and helping other ambitious women realize their potential by building their dream business and life!

I learned so so much from this interview so I hope you have your notebooks handy! Get ready for your mind to be blown.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How to start gaining traction on FB and IG as a new online business
  • Why having a huge following on social media isn’t the most important thing
  • What percentage of your followers will see your posts! 
  • What “boosting” your posts actually does
  • How to draft your ads so you don’t get flagged
  • How to retarget your customers from Etsy
  • 2 Ways to spend the least amount of money on ads and get the biggest return

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