From Signs to Mockups - 22,000 Sales in 18 Months with Laura Sorenson

Do you think you have a good business idea but aren't sure if it’ll fly? Well, you could go about it like Laura Sorenson from Southern Marketing Designs did! Laura based the decisions she made in her business off the needs of her clients and you know what?! It led her to 22,000 passive income sales within 18 months!

Laura has owned her business for over 5 years. She is a boy mom of 2 amazing young men (15 years apart,) and a devoted wife of 20 years. In addition to mom, wife, and homemaker/caretaker, she is also a maker, a DIYer, a planner, a photographer, and a business owner.

She found early on that marketing is a huge component of even the smallest businesses, as well as one of the most expensive. Hiring a professional photographer was not in the cards, so she did what moms do when faced with the challenge of a large order and a small budget…Laura took her love for making, DIY, planning, and photography, and figured it out one step at a time. Her audience reached out for help which slowly pivoted her business from sign maker to mock up creator. She loves helping small businesses like hers check one thing off their long list of to dos.

Mock ups are another great form of passive income. Hear how Laura got started, as well as the benefits she’s seeing now compared to her previous jobs. Tune in to how she continued to pivot her business to meet the demands of the ever-changing market. Beyond that she has a lot of great advice for business owners of all types! I learned a lot from this interview with her and I think you will too!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What a mock-up photo is and how Laura got started making them
  • How Laura got started with her Facebook Group and the benefits of it
  • Comparison of income Laura makes now vs her past jobs
  • Problems she faced at the beginning vs now
  • Laura’s advice to YOU!

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