From Font Making to Influencer with Teela Cunningham

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Have you ever wondered how influencers with huge followings got started? How they were able to grow to that point and, if you could ever do the same? I know I have!

Have you heard of Every Tuesday? If not, drop everything and go check out Teela Cunningham and her amazing work!! Now that you’re finished gawking over everything beautiful she’s ever created....get ready for an amazing episode where I literally just pick her brain on a bunch of topics (Unfortunately The Bachelorette not included-but maybe next time...)

If you don’t already know, Teela has been playing this online game as a designer for quite some time now. She started out selling her designs and fonts on Creative Market and Gumroad. After some time she learned she had a knack for explaining complex tasks within the design programs to her coworkers. She thought others would benefit from these tips too, so she started a YouTube channel and had such good feedback, she ended up doing more frequent tutorials. This led to her creating online courses. She now teaches thousands how to create beautiful designs and fonts of their own.

Buckle in for an episode full of amazing advice for creatives everywhere who want to move their businesses forward and be able to quit their day jobs like Teela and her husband did! Grab a notebook and pen and thank me later.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Teela’s art background and how she got started with her business
  • How she expanded her digital products to increase her passive income
  • Teela’s advice on starting out and putting yourself out there
  • How to deal with people wanting to steal your work
  • Teela’s philosophy on giving to your audience
  • Where Teela finds her inspiration

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