From Crocheter to SVG Designer - 1000 Sales in the First 6 Months with Randee Hafen

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This week I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m bringing a student of mine on board to give testimony about her experience in the SVG design business. She is someone who had zero knowledge in graphic design, let alone the SVG cut file niche - someone who had never even used graphic design software or Adobe Illustrator until starting the program.

Randee is like many of us creative, business-minded moms. She’s done a few DIY side hustles, including running her own cleaning business and working at a gym - she’s even dabbled in the creative business world by running her own crochet company on Etsy a few years ago. Nothing she did was sustainable enough for her to continue to enjoy, while also being a mother and having time just to be herself.

After considering going back to school and taking expensive online tutorials, she came across my "Designer’s Course to SVG Files". Little did she know that after taking this course, she’d be hitting her 1,000th sale in her very own SVG cut file shop - in under six months! Now she’s here giving us her testimonial and explaining how my course changed her life. Her business has become the creative outlet she needed!

She can now focus on being the girl she once knew - before motherhood.

Join in this podcast and listen as she gives her experience with the entire learning and business-building process. Randee took the course and opened her MadeByDeeDeeShop on Etsy in a little more than a month - listen in as she explains what it took for her to be successful. I’m also really flattered by how she explains that my teaching methods and availability enabled her to keep going.

It’s not as complicated as you might think with persistence and the drive to create. Hear Randee’s struggles in the early days and the little wins that added up to her success. Here’s a little advice from Randee:

Trust the process, stop with the negative self-talk and doubt. Give yourself time and nurture your drive!”

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • Listen to the real success testimony of one of my students, Randee Hafen.
  • Hear her tell her personal struggles and how she overcame them by setting her mind to succeed.
  • She goes into detail about the practice sheets, videos, and the beginner’s basics method in the Designer’s Course to SVG Files.
  • Be inspired by her journey with her down-to-earth views on what having a creative outlet means to her.
  • Catch a sneak peek of the “Etsy Roadmap” that was helpful in Randee’s journey and hear when to look forward to it for yourself!

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Luke Miller

Hi Kasey,

I’m quitting my job after12 years right now and am trying to find income. I have been a designer and I’m skilled in Adobe illustrator and coming up with designs. I’m interested in the why and how of marketing? I have 70 designs up on Etsy shop after about two weeks. I started advertising on Etsy and my sales picked up but nowhere near I need them to be. Do you offer a course that can help me get further along in Etsy? Anything you have right now that would help me with SEO would be so helpful? I’m also wondering about marketing on Pinterest.

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