Creative Burnout is Real Folks! Let's Talk Causes and Preventions

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You know the scene where the kids are finally down for a nap. You get cozy on the sofa, pop in your earbuds, flip open your laptop and boot up your design program.Then find yourself staring blankly at the screen, or maybe you opened up a Netflix window on your computer to pass the time.

What gives?

Just a month ago you were designing like a mad woman on steroids,and now ‘poof’ your energy is gone!

What gives??

One word: Burnout!

There comes a time in every designer’s journey when they experience creative burnout. Burnout is all too common for us creatives. 

So how do we recover from it? How do we get the creative juices flowing again? Or is this simply a sign that we are losing our touch? 😭

Don’t worry. You still are the same creative woman (or man) you were before. There’s just a few tips and tricks to get through these difficult times.

In today’s episode, I’ll identify exactly what burnout is, how it happens in the first place and most importantly, how to prevent and overcome it so that you can continue to propel your business forward. 

Because, truth be told, this can ruin your business which can in turn prevent you from reaching your goals and finding the freedom I know you are after.

After this episode you will be able to face designer block and burnout head on when it appears and know that you have what you need to work through it.

Be sure to grab a notebook and pen (or your handy iPad and Apple Pencil) and tune in to this week’s episode. It’s a good one!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode: 

  • Why burnout happens
  • How to recognize it and to work through creative burnout
  • When to say no and when to say yes
  • How scheduling downtime can be your new secret weapon to avoiding overwhelm

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