Creating an Active Workspace and Why This is Vital to Your Health....and Back!

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We’re all spending much more time at home these days.

And it looks as though we’ll continue to do so for who knows how long. 🤷‍♀️

If you’re working from home running an online business, you’re spending a lot of time sitting at your desk.

And maybe you’ve noticed an increase in neck and back pain. Or you’re feeling blah from not moving as much.

I suffer from back pain and degenerating discs, so I know the struggle well.

You aren’t as active as you used to be. (And trust me, you’re not alone.)

But you can still have an insanely productive workday at your desk without sacrificing your comfort. And even squeeze in a workout at the same time.

“(Stay safe and healthy.)”

I’ve done the research and found several ways to get relief.

Tune into this week’s podcast episode, where I share all the things that work for me with YOU.

Many of us are working safer at home these days. And it’s crucial to maintain great posture and stay active. Especially now, since we spend so much time working from our desks. (And even more so if you’re a back pain sufferer like me.)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Which super simple stretches I use to relieve my neck pain and backaches
  • How I workout while working at my desk each day to stay active and fit. 
  • Which tools and equipment I use to strengthen my core while working safer at home

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