Conquering the Self Doubt

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I know you all think I’m this perfect boss business owner/super mom/all-powerful wife. And while I do hold all those ‘titles’ (business owner, mom, and wife that is), I am nowhere near perfect! I have had struggle after struggle to get to where I am and for a long time my progress was stagnant...

Why wasn’t I getting anywhere? Because there was something in my way. ME. Sound familiar? Self-doubt is probably THE number one reason business ventures never make it out of the basement.

I didn’t believe I was someone who could succeed. I didn’t believe that such a work - a deep passion and happiness in doing what you love - existed for me. I just wasn’t capable of what others were. This was all a lie I told myself and one I am constantly coaching many of my students through.

But what I have found to be true, is that once we break through this self-created barrier, nothing is impossible. Nothing can be held back from us. Join me in today’s episode where I give you a one-on-one pep talk that might just be what you need in this moment.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

   ● Where self-doubt comes from
   ● My honest struggles with my self-image and how I overcame them
   ● Tools you can use to boost your own self-confidence
   ● How to define your WHY and use it to propel you forward


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