Avoiding 'Squirrel' Marketing Moments: Part 1

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This is a super simple episode, but one that is VITAL to growing your business!   

So many entrepreneurs come into the business thinking that they have to be on all the platforms.  I was the same way as a new graduate going into the workforce. 

The online space is so full of ways to market your offer and as soon as you get comfortable using one of them another will pop up and everyone will go running to it and tell you it’s the best, it’s the future and you better high tail it over there.

That’s not the truth in fact bouncing around trying to be on every platform is most likely going to be detrimental to your business.  You’re either going to burn out or you’re going to be totally popular on social media with no sales to show for it.

In this episode, I’m letting you in on my secrets, what has worked for me, and the formula to follow if you want social media to help you grow your business not just your followers.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • My little secret about social media from when I started my business
  • The formula for using social media to help your business grow.
  • Where to concentrate your efforts…for now.

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