Are SVG Designers Ready for Glowforge and Other Laser Cutting Machines?

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The 3D and laser cutting file industry is blowing up, just like I predicted it would back in January in SVG Predictions and Cut File Trends of 2022. 

Glowforge was already being sold at Michaels, but they just expanded that from a handful of stores to close to 150 stores. I have also seen that my local store’s accessories for Glowforge are often sold out.

As SVG Designers we have to stay on top of the growing industry so I am breaking it down step-by-step on this episode for what you need to know to stay current. Plus I have an exciting announcement about my Glowforge add-on Designing for Glowforge.

Grab your pen and paper and take notes because you do not want to be playing catch-up later if this new trend takes over the market.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How you can tell that SVG designs for laser cutting machines are in demand 
  • How to ride the wave of laser and 3D designs so you can profit from it
  • How to find out if you need to pivot and how to get started.

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