A Designer’s Take on Glowforge with Bail from Just One More Project

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Have you ever bought some amazing piece of equipment and you just couldn’t wait to use it and blow everyone away only to find out that it’s way too complicated and you need help?    

The best part about having someone go before you is that they can share what they’ve learned and give you a heads up about things that would otherwise catch you off guard.

That is exactly what I want to give to all of my listeners, so in this episode, I am interviewing Bail from Just One More Project.

Bail is a mother of two, an SVG designer, and a former student of my course. In this interview, she shares the pros and cons of purchasing and using a Glowforge and how it compares to Cricut.  

If you want to know more about Glowforge then click the link and listen as Bail shares her own experience with buying, installing, and using it. Bonus, she has a special offer waiting for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Glowforge vs. Cricut   
  • What software is best with Glowforge
  • The #1 thing to have if you want to design SVGs for Glowforge  

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Candice Moore

Would you say that owning a Glowforge is essential if you want to sell SVG files geared towards Glowforge, in order to create your mock-up images?

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