A BTS Look into the SVG Customer Experience with Heidi Harrison

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Heidi Harrison runs a thriving vinyl design business. She’s a seasoned pro in the cutting industry.

But that’s NOT why she joined me for this episode. Heidi is here to talk about profitable changes we can make in our SVG design businesses.

(From the customer’s point of view. 😉)

Heidi explains what she looks for while buying SVG files. And she shares why specific design details can make or break a sale.

You can take Heidi’s actionable advice. And create a better customer experience to drive even more sales for your business.

(Fun Facts: Heidi is my customer, friend, and she’s also one of my SVG design students.)

Tune in and get a peek inside the mind of your ideal customer.

Where are all my SVG designers? Don’t miss this episode with Heidi Harrison. Heidi is a cutting industry pro.

But in this episode, she’s sharing her perspective as an SVG cut file buyer. Listen and discover how you can create a better buying experience for your shoppers. (And make more sales.)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What changes you can make in your business to serve your customers at a higher level
  • Why big intricate design bundles often don’t sell as well as basic designs
  • What Heidi’s takeaways are as a business owner, customer, and SVG design student

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Should an svg designer use their own cut files for physical products but then also sell the svg for downloads? As a former graphic designer, everything I do tends to be custom, and since I need the files anyway for my cricut, shouldn’t I sell them?
Thanks. Great information shared by other creators.


On the topic of mockups, Creative Market designers always include several mockups with whatever they’re selling, & as a buyer, from experience, the more & better the mockups, the easier it is for me to let go of my money! I just assumed that showing mockups was part & panel with selling svgs on Etsy? It would probably be a good idea for me to start researching other Etsy svg sellers’ pages & see how they’re operating to get a feel for having a shop open when that time comes. Another great podcast!

Jelaine (Creative Blessings Design)

This was a great podcast for perspective of SVG creators! Great idea to produce! Thank you

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