90 lbs Down in 14 Months! Finding Yourself Again with Lindsay Wells

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We all love a great success story.

And my special guest this week has an inspiring journey to share.

My operations manager, Lindsay Wells, talks about her struggles with depression and weight gain as a new SAHM.

She’s candid about the effects her challenges had on her as a mom to daughter Lucy.

I’ve watched Lindsay’s incredible story unfold over the last 14 months. And I’m thrilled she agreed to share her journey.

Tune in to find out how Lindsay’s transformation happened. And take notes as she offers tips and advice to help you do the same.

Also, grab the free download from Lindsay in the links below. She put together resources for anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Lindsay Wells shares her struggles with depression and weight gain as a new SAHM. Tune in to hear how she found herself again and lost a whopping 90 lbs in 14 months!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How new mom Lindsay bounced back after struggles with depression and weight gain 
  • What she did to lose 90lbs in 14 months (she’s spilling all the deets)
  • Which crucial factors kept Lindsay on track during her awe-inspiring transformation

Mentioned on the Show:

Here is what you have all been waiting for 🙈 Lindsay's before and after!!!

Before: size 18 pants- 2xl Shirts Now: Size 6 pants shirts S/M

Can you believe her feet shrunk too lol

Before size 9.5 Now 8-8.5

This is only Lindsay's before picture before she started "Keto" reach out to her on Instagram or in her Facebook group to see her before any diet pictures!

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Omg—I’m so on the opposite end of this spectrum: after dealing with my own health crisis for the past 3 yrs, I’m trying my hardest to put weight back ON. I’m probably the only person on this planet who’s trying to gain weight! But respect to anyone who has goals & attains them! Respect!

Btw-what does SAHM stand for…?

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