7 Top Selling Crafts That Sell Like Hot Cakes Online

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Are you a creative, crafty, DIY person? Do you consider yourself pretty handy with the latest tools, gadgets or cutting machines?  Have you ever considered selling your creations? I bet you have. So what’s stopping you?

Maybe it’s fear of the unknown...Starting a business is scary! Now that you know your ‘niche’ (what you are selling that people need), you might not know what to do next. This episode teaches you the next step.

Research is boring, but lucky for you, I’ve already done a ton of it over the years! In this episode, I’m sharing what I found and ideas on where you can get started today with your crafting business. 

So pop in those headphones and sit back as we discuss some of my best ideas for you, along with specific examples of leading shops in each category. Happy crafting!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The next step after identifying your niche
  • 7 Top-selling crafts on Etsy, Amazon and beyond
  • Shop numbers
  • Trend statistics
  • My own sale numbers

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