7 Things to Check in Your Design Products Before Hitting Publish

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Yup, it’s true, it happened! I had a design on my Etsy shop for a while before a very compassionate buyer informed me that my apostrophe was in the wrong place.  It read Ya’ll instead of Y’all!    

It was so embarrassing! I mean, how did I not see that? And what made it worse was that I didn’t save the original Adobe Illustrator file so it meant a lot more work to fix it. 

Even for us seasoned designers, this happens so many times, which is why I created a list of 7 things to check and double-check with every design before I hit publish.

The things we need to check are as simple as spelling or *embarrassed shrug* punctuation, but are also as complicated as flow, or making sure that your final digital file works. 

In this episode, I’m laying out the 7 Things to Check in Your Design Products Before Hitting Publish. This list is going to ensure that going forward you’re looking professional and not having to do double work.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why you need to double-check your work
  • Tactics that help you catch and fix mistakes in your design
  • The 7 things to check on your design before you hit publish  

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