5 Reasons Why Your Etsy Shop is Struggling to Make Consistent Sales

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Etsy shop owners sometimes see sales come in right away so they get excited at each new sale, while dreaming about what they’ll do with the buckets of money they’re going to make...But then....something changes and that ‘cha-ching!’ stops or becomes less frequent.

What on earth happened??

Where did you go wrong??

Maybe this is happening to you and you’re wondering what to do to fix it. Whether it has or not, learning the reasons why this is happening can save you time and headache....not to mention a load in sales!

After being asked this a few times by my students and helping them through it, I decided to dedicate this episode to understanding where you have gone wrong, and give you the strategies to correct it moving forward.

Through the feedback I receive from students, today I’m giving you the top five reasons I have unearthed to be the culprit. So have a listen and let me know in the comments below if this is helpful!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The five main reasons why your Etsy shop is struggling to make consistent sales
  • Some big motivators that helped me work through "slumps" in my shop
  • Things you may not realize about your shop
  • How to show up differently in order to see the results you want
  • What your game plan should look like moving forward
  • How to turn those cha-chings back into consistent - and somewhat annoying 😂 - notifications on your phone again!

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