5 Reasons Why You Aren't Making Sales on Etsy

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This is an area I have quite a bit of experience in. As many of you know, Etsy is where I got started with my online business, and it’s where I know many others do too. I feel it's the first step into online business for many people, but at the same time, it's also not as easy as many people think. They put all this work into their products, their shop, perfecting it, launching it, and they expect sales right off the bat.

Instead, what they get in return, and what I see with some of my students, is crickets. To make it worse, they stop and they wait and wait for the sales to come in and then they wait some more. And still no one comes, so they ask themselves, what did I do wrong?

I think this is actually the absolute worst thing that you can do. We can’t sit there waiting, we need to be hustling, right? This is where the real work begins--after the launch!! 99% of business success is based on your mindset (combined with some good tips, tools and strategies along the way). But the bulk of it in my opinion, is based mostly off of your mindset towards your business.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • My experience launching my Etsy shop
  • How to focus on the ‘wins’
  • Why launching your shop is just the first step
  • 5 reasons you might not be making sales

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Kasey | Pen + Posh.

Hi Dan and Mariana, and Michelle. Great question.
It’s a combination of a few things…I watch what is in the big box stores like Hobby Lobby and Target. I also watch what designs and items are trending in the Facebook groups within your area. I also will watch competitors on Etsy and watch what sells on their shop. For hard evidence I use the Etsy Search bar to see what is trending and what users are searching since this is where I sell. I also use https://www.statista.com to find stats and also trends projected over the next several years that supports my area. Hope that helps!

Dan and Mariana

We are wondering what are the tools or processes used to search the trends?

Michelle McCallum

How do you research what is trending?

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