10 Ways to Automate Your Craft Business

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Does This Sound Familiar?

I know many of you are craft business owners, making all sorts of amazing pieces of art.  I also know that you are busy bodies. Creatives are Motivated! Success (if you haven’t found it already) is just around the corner.

Owning a business can make you feel tied down at times. Many of you are moms and/or working women, feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed with daily life. Trying several business ventures, you just want to find your “thing”. Something more flexible and less demanding. If only you could find a way to generate automated income doing what you love to do, CREATE!  But how?

I felt the same way.  I was sick of the long hours, tight deadlines and working for someone else.  It was sooo stressful!! I wanted the freedom of flexibility. I value every second of my time. I wanted to get more done. Is it possible to work less yet make more money?

Yes!! This is what I DO!!! Just like what we talked about last week, THIS is my passion! Craft business is my specialty.  Identifying and adding passive income strategies to craft businesses is my jam!! After listening to this episode, you are going to be so overloaded with ideas, your mind will be spinning! But you can’t have too many ideas.....AMIRIGHT? 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • 10 Ideas on creating passive income through a creative business
  • The difference between images and SVG’s
  • Why digital and physical products appeal to two completely different buyers

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