How to Make Acrylic Earrings in Adobe Illustrator for Glowforge - Free SVG Included


You can grab the free SVG below and also I have free tips on how to create svgs for Glowforge, if you're new to Glowforge, or new to working with it- and if you're new to creating SVGs for Glowforge- a helpful guide is linked below! 


1. Import File:

When you open up your Glowforge software, upload the freebie file which is located in the folder you just downloaded.

2. Resize: 

Since the original design may be a little big, I like to estimate how large I want the earrings to be by lining them up with the zero at the very top part of the glowforge screen. Just click and drag. You may want them to be a little bit smaller than two inches. 

3. Load material: 

    The material in this tutorial is green acrylic, take a look at your materials instructions. In this case, I loaded my material tape side up.

    4. Print (Go!)

    Go over to the print button and click that we already have the material loaded into the machine. Click print and wait for it to focus the camera and calibrate everything. Then it'll show us how long it will take to finish. Let's go press that button on our Glowforge and watch the magic happen!

    5. Pop-out extra material:

      So cute! I'm going to pop each of these out and peel this tape back that it is on so that it prevents charring and then I'll show you guys the final product. All right so this is just me peeling back the tape which is pretty easy with acrylic, it's a little bit harder when you're working with draft board or wood but this is super easy with the acrylic. It's not pretty. Then I am putting on the hooks right here and I didn't need to go out since I rounded those corners.

      6. Add earring hooks:

        I bought these from Michael’s (but you can also get them from Amazon). It makes it really easy. I'm just buying them all in one place and Michael's sells Glowforge materials now, which makes it really easy too. Here is the finished product!

         It turned out so cute. It will be perfect for my daughter's party.

         I love them. 

        Thanks so much for joining me.

        Be sure to send us a picture of your finished product via my Instagram page!

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