How To Make A Craftaholic Hat - Free SVG Included

Do you enjoy long walks through the aisles at Joann’s, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby? Do you love the smell of a fresh roll of vinyl? Do you lose track of time while dreaming of new crafts to do while you are making another? Then you, my friend, may be a “craftaholic”! Today I am going to show you how to make your very own craftaholic baseball hat. (There are no bad hair days when your crafting). The file downloaded from Pen and Posh is very easy to use. I uploaded it into Cricut Design Space and changed the color to pink and the dimensions to 4.5 W x 0.895 H. Since the design is pretty simple, we are going to hit the “make it” button. The file should be sent to your cutting mat screen.


Once you have it pulled up, be sure to mirror your design by toggling the mirror button on the left-hand side of the screen. Then when ready, hit the “continue” button in the lower right-hand corner to start the cutting process. Choose your correct machine and set the material to Iron On-default pressure. Check one more time that the file is mirrored, this is shown on the left-hand side.

Press your iron-on vinyl onto your mat, shiny side down. Then load your mat into the machine and press the flashing arrow symbol. Next, press the flashing Cricut symbol to start the cut. When it is finished, press the arrow keys to unload the mat. We are ready to weed.

Take your weeding tool and pull the vinyl carefully at a 30 

degree angle. This makes it easier for the vinyl to separate from the carrier sheet. Continue to weed until you have only the mirrored design. Be sure to pay attention to the little inside pieces of the letters and the dot of your “I”. Confirm that the design is weeded properly, by turning it over and inspecting.

To prep your baseball hat, be sure to stuff some towels or fabric into the head to keep the form while pressing. I used tea towels as my stuffing. I also used a Cricut pressing mat to protect my surface. You can use a towel if you don’t have a pressing mat. Place your design on the carrier sheet sticky side down. Try to center the design.

Using a tea towel to protect the carrier sheet, use a small iron to iron over the design. Be sure to turn off the steam if you’re using a iron with that option. You should press for 30 seconds at a time, then you can move around to make sure 

the vinyl adheres to the hat. Check your design. My carrier sheet easily came off and is a good indication that it is adhered well. For extra security, I went over the design with the tea towel once more.

That’s it! You are finished. Wear your craftaholic baseball hat while you shop for more craft supplies and show your work as a badge of honor!


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