How To Make A Back-to-School, Etched Chalkboard Eraser with a Glowforge


One of the things I enjoy making the most, are teacher gifts! The people pleaser in me loves seeing the look on their face when I give them something personalized to fit their classroom. What better way to kick the school year off than by kissing up to your kids teacher, right??

In all seriousness though, this will definitely be something they cherish in their classroom for the school year to come.

The Free SVG is down below and is super versatile! You can remove "Mrs. Randolph", unless your kid has her doppelgänger,  and insert your child's name or even their grade. I've made sure to include each year in the download so you could customize it to your liking!

Check out the video above to see my process beginning to end. Also, here's the links to all the materials, including the font I used!

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