Four Common SVG Designs to Make Completely From Scratch

Make an SVG from scratch? What exactly does that mean? Unlike Cricut and Silhouette built in softwares, we literally can make ANYTHING in Illustrator.  Everyone of those designs you purchase on Silhouette store, more than likely was created in Illustrator.  In this video, I show just 'made from scratch means' in the world of SVG design. Watch this one to see how four common SVG's are made in this leading vector design software.

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Team Pen and Posh


Hey, you two! Kasey is still teaching her SVG class! I hope you will take a look at the masterclass!


Hi, do you still give classes for Adobe Illustrator? I would like to learn how to create svg images.

suriyan sangkeaw

Interested in studying svg design.

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